Press Release - Strategic Plan Action Team Leaders
Press Release - Strategic Plan Action Team Leaders
Posted on 03/12/2018
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Hononegah Community High School District #207 Recognizes the Strategic Plan Action Team Leaders


Rockton, Ill. (February 21, 2018) –

Across all passions is the desire to see a coherent progression from freshman through senior year, a connection tying pieces of knowledge/curriculum and linking it to a greater context – and most particularly within that context itself, a strong vision that drives what we do and how we work together.  The Strategic Planning process of Hononegah Community High School is the means by which our organization continually recreates itself toward extraordinary purposes.  The Board of Education proudly recognizes the following Action Team Leaders for their contribution in our latest Strategic Plan.

  • Maggie Moore/Adam Smith- Strategy One - Hononegah’s academic programming and instruction will be diverse, engaging, and appropriately challenging for all students.
  • Jean Chambers/Brad Christoff- Strategy Two - We will provide and maintain facilities and resources to meet all academic, activity, and student requirements.
  • Gretchen Milner/Rachel Norberg- Strategy Three - We will provide an environment and experiences for all students to become better scholars, citizens and leaders.
  • Denise Werner/Heather Plourde- Strategy Four - Hononegah will build and maintain mutually beneficial community partnerships with all stakeholder groups.
  • Jeff Smith/Jeremiah Zachwieja- Strategy Five - We will provide a safe learning environment that promotes respect, appropriate behavior, and self-discipline for all.