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No food or gum is permitted in the fieldhouse.
Only water in a clear plastic bottle purchased at the concessions stand is permitted in the fieldhouse.
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All Athletes must have a current physical on file in the Athletic Office BEFORE they will be allowed to participate. Sport Physicals are good for 395 days. Click on Athletic Forms & Documents to find the (4) required forms that must be completed every school year in order to participate in athletics. These forms are fillable pdfs and can be submitted to the athletic office by emailing them to


IHSA Return to Activities 1.0

Please reference this page for updates for specific sports.  Updates will be provided on a regular basis as we move through COVID-19. Please contact coach of specific sport for more information:
Girls Swim & Dive      Brian McGuire
Boys Swim & Dive        Darryl McCabe
Boys Cross Country   Mark McLarty
Girls Cross Country    Darryl Rohrer
Girls Tennis                  Harrison Hearne
Boys Tennis                  Harrison Hearne
Girls Golf                       Heidi Milner
Boys Golf                       Ken Lewis    

Boys Basketball           Mike Miller  
Girls Basketball            Jason Brunke
Wrestling                       Anthony Miers
Cheerleading                 John Barajas
Dance                              Laura Tarrant
Boys Bowling                 Brad Sommer
Girls Bowling                  Jeremy Woody

Football                           Brian Zimmerman
Boys Soccer                    Nic Haab          
Girls Soccer                    Jay Bigwood    
Girls Volleyball               Kaylee Libby   
Boys Volleyball              Andrea Curran
Boys Track                      Mark McLarty 
Girls Track                       TBA
Baseball                          Matt Simpson 
Softball                           Dan Bohn        


The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors met for a special meeting on July 29, 2020, where the Board announced its intended plans for the 2020-21 school year. The plan has been sent to the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) for final approval.

“This plan, like nearly every aspect of our current lives, remains fluid,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. “Changes may come, and if they do, we will be agile while putting safety and students first. It was important that we provide a framework today for our student-athletes, coaches, administrators, and officials to begin preparing for the 2020-21 school year.”

The COVID-19 pandemic led the Board to propose unprecedented scheduling changes for the 2020-21 school year. They include playing all sports over the course of truncated fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons. As a result, several team sports will shift to new seasons, including football, boys soccer, and girls volleyball moving from the fall to the spring.

“I applaud our Board of Directors for choosing a model that allows every student-athlete the opportunity for a modified season,” said Anderson. “Based on our recent conversations, it is our expectation that today’s plan meets all of IDPH’s safety guidelines and will be approved.”

IHSA boys and girls golf, girls tennis, cross country and girls swimming & diving will remain as fall sports, and can proceed to start on August 10 as scheduled. Per Governor Pritzker’s announcement on Wednesday, fall sports will begin with competition limited to conference opponents and other schools in the same general geographical area. Schools will be provided more details in the coming week about the scheduling limits, and scheduling will continue to be assessed throughout each season. The condensed 2020-21 season dates will be as follows (see chart below to see where each sport falls):
Fall:        August 10 to October 24
Winter:   November 16 to February 13
Spring:    February 15 to May 1
Summer: April 19 to June 26

“The Board believes this plan offers the most realistic chance for student-athletes to participate in interscholastic sports while balancing the challenges of a new academic setting and IDPH Guidelines,” said Erie High School Principal and IHSA Board President Tim McConnell. “We are an education-based athletic association, and school has to come first. By delaying the majority of the team sports in the fall, it will allow our schools and students the chance to acclimate to what will be, for many, a totally new educational experience. We will do our best to try to give every student-athlete the opportunity for a season this school year.”

State Series tournament decisions will be made on a sport-by-sport basis as each season progresses, but providing postseason opportunities remains a priority of the Board. This could potentially include culminating State Series Tournaments after Regional or Sectional rounds, or seeking other non-traditional means to conduct events.

“I understand that today’s announcement will be met with mixed emotions,” said Anderson. “Our staff and Board have heard from thousands of people over the past few weeks with ideas, opinions, and proposals on how we should proceed. We respect and understand their passion, because we share in it. It is a great reminder that if we want high school sports to return to normal, we all need to do our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

The Board also extended the current Phase 4 Return To Play Guidelines, which will allow sports slated to be played in the winter, spring, and summer seasons to allow an additional 20 days of contact for teams between September 7 and October 31 following IDPH Phases 4 Guidelines.

The Board also verified that IHSA by-laws do not prevent schools who are conducting remote learning from participating in IHSA sports and activities.  Participation will remain a local school and district decision, regardless of the learning plan a high school is utilizing.

The Board discussed IHSA activities for the 2020-21 school year but did not take any action. The IHSA’s activity offerings include Bass Fishing, Chess, Debate, Drama & Group Interpretation, Individual Events, Journalism, Music & Scholastic Bowl.

“We believe we can still offer many of our activities via virtual contests,” said Anderson. “The Board has asked our staff to investigate those possibilities, and we will report back soon on if and how each can be held.”

Further details on items such as sport season and practice limitations will be released to IHSA schools following IDPH approval of the plan.

Three IHSA Board members (Hasson, McMahan, Rogers) were present at the IHSA office for the meeting, while the other eight Board members attended electronically. The chart below outlines the new IHSA schedule for the 2020-21 school year:

Sport/Activity IDPH Risk Traditional Season 2020-21 Season Start Date End Date
Boys/Girls Golf Lower Fall Fall August 10 Oct. 24
Girls Tennis Lower Fall Fall August 10 Oct. 24
Boys/Girls Cross Country Lower Fall Fall August 10 Oct. 24
Girls Swimming & Diving Lower Fall Fall August 10 Oct. 24
Boys & Girls Basketball Medium Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Wrestling Higher Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Boys Swimming & Diving Lower Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Cheerleading Higher Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Dance Higher Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Boys/Girls Bowling Lower Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Girls Gymnastics Lower Winter Winter Nov. 16 Feb. 13
Football Higher Fall Spring Feb. 15 May 1
Boys Soccer Medium Fall Spring Feb. 15 May 1
Girls Volleyball Medium Fall Spring Feb. 15 May 1
Girls Badminton Lower Spring Spring Feb. 15 May 1
Boys Gymnastics Medium Spring Spring Feb. 15 May 1
Boys/Girls Water Polo Medium Spring Spring Feb. 15 May 1
Baseball Lower Spring Summer April 19 June 26
Softball Lower Spring Summer April 19 June 26
Boys/Girls Track & Field Lower Spring Summer April 19 June 26
Girls Soccer Medium Spring Summer April 19 June 26
Boys Volleyball Medium Spring Summer April 19 June 26
Boys/Girls Lacrosse Higher Spring Summer April 19 June 26
Boys Tennis Lower Spring Summer April 19 June 26

FROM: NIC-10 Principals and Athletic Directors
TO: NIC-10 Athletes, Guardians, and Spectators

To ensure the health and wellness of student athletes, coaches, and officials at NIC-10
athletic contests this fall, the NIC-10 Principals and Athletic Directors require spectators to
follow IHSA guidelines below while spectating at Golf, and Tennis events. Spectators may
be permitted at cross country events if approved by host school or venue. Spectators are
not permitted at Swimming & Diving events due to capacity limits at facilities across the
IHSA General Requirements and Considerations for Golf, Tennis, and Cross Country
at approved venues:
● All IHSA Return to Play Phase 4 Guidelines must be adhered to.
● Social distancing between individuals of at least 6 feet must be maintained at all
times. Handshakes, fist bumps, hugging, etc. are not permissible.
● Event Capacity - Student participants, coaches, timers, and paid/volunteer meet
officials are restricted to a combined total of 50 (spectators are not included in
participant count).
● Spectators are permitted at events as long as they maintain social distancing
throughout the event as outlined in the IHSA Return to Play Phase 4 Guidelines.
● Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs from home for outdoor
● Depending on the venue, spectators may be assigned to specific viewing areas
● Spectators must wear face coverings at all times.
Your assistance in keeping athletes, coaches, and officials healthy and safe is appreciated.
In the event school officials need to address individuals not following the guidelines above,
please note that violators may be required to leave the event. Further instances may result
in the removal of spectator privileges. In the event, additional violations are reported, the
related student athlete may be suspended from participation to ensure safety.
The current guidance continues to be fluid, and we will review our procedure and
expectations regarding spectators as the situation allows.
Health and safety are the top priority of the conference, and we appreciate your support.

NIC-10 Principals and Athletic Directors

2020  Football Season Tickets
Hononegah will not be selling 2020 football season tickets until we hear from the IHSA in regards to the football season.
We apologize for this inconvenience.

How to make an athletic fee payment online. 

This is located under "forms & documents" on the athletic webpage.

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