Progress Report

HCHS Progress Report

Updated: June 19, 2017
Progress continues with the Hononegah Fieldhouse!
Visit the Fieldhouse section of the website and follow us on Facebook for periodic updates and information as the new fieldhouse begins to take shape. 
Building the fieldhouse is a five-phase process.  The rendering phase was completed prior to the April 4 referendum.  During the schematic design phase, research and study drawings are accomplished.  Design development utilizes the initial design documents from the schematic phase and takes them one step further by laying out mechanical and other architectural details.  The construction documents move the designs to greater detail, including specifications for construction details and materials. Construction begins when the documents are completed.
Hononegah has completed the schematic design phase of the project and is working in the design development phase.  Bidding will begin after the construction documents have been completed.  All aspects of the construction will have bid specifications which can be found on the Fieldhouse and Bid sections of the Hononegah website,
At the June 21 meeting, the Board of Education approved the process to seek bids for the preparation of the site for the fieldhouse. All bids and deadlines for those bids on our website under the FIeldhouse and District tabs. Demolition will take place later this summer or at the beginning of fall. Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall.  The sale of the bonds will take place on June 27, and the closing of those bonds will be on July 18.
This is an exciting time for Hononegah Community High School District. Please join us as we Build Our Future.